WILLIE NELSON Heart Worn Memories Book by Susie Nelson


Author: Susie Nelson

Title: Heart Worn Memories

Condition:  This hardcover book is in very good condition.  The dust cover is well worn with some rips and tears.

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Willie Nelson is a man with a dream.  Always has been.

Daughter Susie Nelson’s personal biography is more than a famous father story.  Susie lived a lot of Willie’s life, then interviewed country music stars and Willie himself to capture this emotional story of one man’s climb to fame.

Susie includes the thorns as well as the roses as she charts a course through three wives, five children, and an incredible music career.  Susie shares such intimate details as her psychedelic closet where she and Daddy smoked pot together, life with a hard-drinking mother who was “the prettiest woman I ever knew,” along with her father’s agony and ecstasy in becoming a legend of country music.

This is Willie Nelson, superstar, with the glitz cleared away.  You will be “blue eyes crying in the rain” all the way through.  Heart-Worn Memories sounds like a Willie Nelson song – with Susie’s lyrics, Willie’s tune.