TOMMY LINEBERRY Twice A Champion The Toney Lineberry Story Book Autographed Signed


Author: Tommy Lineberry

Title: Twice A Champion – The Toney Lineberry Story

Condition:  This hardcover book is in very good condition.  The dust cover is in good condition with a small tear on the back edge and price sticker residue.  The inside page is signed by Toney Lineberry (to Bill).

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Toney Lineberry was a champion wrestler.  He very seldom lost a match.  Nothing else mattered.  He was obsessed with the sport.  But on an icy winter night an automobile accident changed Toney’s life forever.  He was not wearing his safety belt.  My brother will never walk again.   Toney did not give up.  He may have lost the sue of his hands and legs but he did not lose his heart and courage.  He acquired a new obsession.  He passionately studied highway safety.  He was determined to find out how his accident could have been prevented.  We share his story with you in hopes of preventing others from suffering the tragic fate which he and our family have endured.  Read about Toney’s inspirational struggle to get back on top.  Discover how he learned what it truly means to be a champion.