THE BOXMASTERS Somewhere Down The Road CD Autographed Signed


Artist:  The Boxmasters

Title:  Somewhere Down The Road

Condition:  CDs, insert and tray card are in very good condition.  Front insert is signed by The Boxmasters (please note that one of the signatures is slightly smeared — see picture)

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Disc 1:

  1. Sometimes There’s A Reason
  2. You’ll Be Lonely Tonight
  3. This Game Is Over
  4. Piece Of The Sky
  5. Dead Inside
  6. Was That My Only Ride
  7. Kathy Won’t Share
  8. A Thousand Miles Away
  9. Love Is Real Tonight
  10. Getting Past The Lullaby
  11. Hallelujah
  12. Somewhere Down The Road

Disc 2:

  1. Away, Away
  2. What Did You Do Today
  3. Young Man’s Game
  4. Always Lie
  5. Don’t Follow Me Down
  6. Who Can I Tell
  7. Wicked For An Angel
  8. Why Don’t You Come Down
  9. Unknown
  10. Somewhere

The Boxmasters are Teddy Andreadis, J.D. Andrew, Brad Davis, and Bud Thornton