SYLVIA The Real Story CD Autographed


Artist: Sylvia

Title: The Real Story

Condition: Both front and back inserts are in great condition, as is cd itself.  The front insert has been signed by Sylvia with a black pen as follows: Sue, I loved spending these rich days with you as friends, Love Sylvia ’97

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  1. Soon As I Find My Voice
  2. I’ve Been Down Too Long
  3. Chance Encounter
  4. Hand-Me-Down
  5. Even A Cowboy Can Dream
  6. See How Much I Love You
  7. Sweet Shall Your Welcome Be
  8. The Real Story
  9. Whole Heart
  10. Thank God I’m Coming Home
  11. (I Love You) More Than It Has Ever Rained
  12. Sonoma
  13. I Will Not Forget You