SUZANNE SOMERS Bombshell Book Signed Autographed


Author: Suzanne Somers

Title: Bombshell – Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging

Condition: Book has been read, and is in very good previously owned condition…autograph is in excellent condition…. book has been signed by Suzanne with a black sharpie as follows: Tom – Suzanne Somers

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Are you ready to rethink and redefine your approach to aging? This powerhouse book tells you how to go from dreading it to making it the greatest passage of your life! Dubbed a health pioneer by the Wall Street Journal and called “crazy smart” by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Suzanne Somers has repeatedly opened up new terrain to health seekers worldwide. And now, with Bombshell,she does it again. Acting like your personal medical detective, she has found the most advanced scientists, doctors, and health professionals and gotten them to share jaw-dropping advances that will stop deterioration and set you on the path to restoration and healthy longevity. By taking advantage of these new bombshell advancements, you can live longer than ever with great quality of life, and experience a different way to age: with great health, strong bones, vitality, a working brain, and sizzling sexuality. All of it is yours for the taking if you are willing to make some simple, effective changes. In Bombshell you will learn about explosive medical secrets utilizing the groundbreaking technologies of today, or the very near future, that will allow us all to truly maintain the fountain of youth, including: How nanobots, small “robots” the size of blood cells, will be injected into the human bloodstream to clean the blood supply and literally wipe out today’s most feared diseases How stem cell procedures, using one’s own adult stem cells, can be used to prevent disease and even regrow body parts; including how Suzanne’s breast was reconstructed after cancer with no implant in the first clinical trial of its kind in the United States How balancing hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can improve your internal health, well-being, vitality, looks, and sex drive How the “cure” to cancer might be just around the corner by preventing it at the source with injections of human, cancer-resistant white blood cells How a supplement to regrow telomeres at a cellular level will restore the human body to a younger internal age and reverse signs of aging such as disease, baldness, wrinkles, and loss of hearing and eyesight. And it’s available now! One after another, she shares the breakthroughs that you can use today to keep you in top shape so you can embrace the near future and all it will have to offer.

Health pioneer Suzanne Somers shares explosive new information on the future of medicine that will redefine aging. Through interviews with the best and brightest doctors and health revolutionaries, Suzanne crafts a plan that will reshape the way we treat, approach, and think about the aging body. For years she has strongly advocated for patient awareness of cutting-edge health breakthroughs. We’ve seen her public and successful treatment of breast cancer, and now she shares an inside look at the process behind becoming the first woman in this country to have a breast reconstructed using stem-cell therapy. Let her point you to other medical bombshells that will change your life, too!

Through interviews with the best and brightest doctors and health revolutionaries, Somers crafts a plan that will reshape the way people treat, approach, and think about the aging body with her signature advocacy of cutting-edge health breakthroughs.