STONEWALL JACKSON Greatest Hits & Favorites CD Original Recordings Autographed


Artist: Stonewall Jackson

Title: Greatest Hits & Favorites Original Recordings

Condition: Both front and back inserts are in great condition as is cd itself.  Front insert has been signed by Stonewall with a black sharpie as follows:  Thanks Stonewall….

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  1. Waterloo
  2. Smoke Along The Track
  3. Life To Go
  4. Run
  5. The Carpet On The Floor
  6. Man Has Cried
  7. Uncle Sam And Big John Bull
  8. Mary Don’t You Weep
  9. Ward Of Broken Hearts
  10. Why I’m Walkin’
  11. Let’s Call It A Day
  12. Black Sheep
  13. Igmoo (The Pride Of South Central High)
  14. Life Of A Poor Boy
  15. Don’t Be Angry
  16. Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet
  17. I’m Gonna Find You
  18. A Little Guy Called Joe
  19. A Broken Heart, A Wedding Band
  20. Grieving In My Heart
  21. Misery Known As Heartache
  22. Wedding Bells  For You And Him
  23. Knock Off Your Naggin’
  24. Greener Pastures
  25. Hungry For Love
  26. A Wound Time Can’t Erase
  27. Second Choice