Author: Stonewall Jackson (Compiled & Edited by Billy Henson)

Title: From The Bottom Up – The Stonewall Jackson Story As Told In His Own Words

Condition: This paperback book is in good condition with some minor signs of aging and wear.

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Child abuse mised with poverty are not uncommon problems, even by today’s standards.  A young boy running away from home in order to escape this terrible situation is also not uncommon.  All the things that happened to young Stonewall Jackson are happening to young children somewhere in the world every day.

As you read this book and it’s touching story, you will easily recognize the most uncommon aspect of Stonewall’s life….the fact that he rose above all that was trying to keep him down.  In spite of all the horrible mental and physical setbacks he endured, he pushed ahead with his dream of being “somebody.”

Today, he is somebody, indeed! Loved by millions of country music fans the world over Stonewall Jackson is still one of the biggest names in the music industry.  He’s sold millions of records, traveled and entertained throughout the world and is still one of the most popular members of Nashville’s world-famous Grand Ole Opry.