SANDI PATTY The Voice Book Autographed Signed


Author: Sandi Patty with Cindy Lambert

Title: The Voice – Listening For God’s Voice And Finding Your Own

Condition:  This hardcover book and dust cover are in very good condition.  The inside page is signed by Sandi Patty!

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The most awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music, Sandi Patty has inspired and given voice to millions of listeners.  And yet, off the stage, Sandi fought against a history of sexual abuse, infidelity, divorce, and crises of self-image.

From an early age, Sandi’s suffering ran deeper than those closest to her ever fathomed, undermining her identity and self-worth.  Like so many of us, she coped by living through the voices of others, allowing other people to prescribe her identity.  As she performed around the world, Sandi met others just like her who hid wounds behind quiet smiles and struggled to live with fractured souls.

Through deeply intimate stories of her life and the empowering spiritual truths she has learned, Sandi invites you on a journey from voicelessness to discovering the voice God has given you.  With honest sensitivity, she gently tugs at the labels that hush, the shame that silences, and she helps you uncover those things that mute your voice.  Sandi’s warm writing and hopeful message willd raw you to the voice of God, who’s singing over your life that you are seen, you are loved, and your voice is worth hearing.  “And if we listen to God’s voice singing into our lives,” Sandi writes, “we will discover the marvelous voice he has designed for each of us.”