REGIE HAMM Angels & Idols Book Autographed Signed


Author: Regie Hamm

Title: Angels & Idols – The Rise, Fall, And Redemption Of A Would-Be Pop Star

Condition:  This paperback book is in very good condition.  The title page is signed by Regie Hamm (to the Gulich family)!

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Regie Hamm’s life has all the twists, turns, and drama of a Hollywood movie. Only this isn’t Hollywood, and the cast isn’t actors. As a hit artist, producer, and songwriter, Regie was familiar with the drama of the press, the endless nights in the studio, and the uncertainty of his next paycheck. But nothing would prepare him for the drama of a rural Chinese hospital, the endless nights of raising an insomniac baby, or the uncertainty of her condition. There was nothing he could do except stand by and helplessly watch his life and career spin out of control. Regie’s story is one of a man and his family who overcame enormous obstacles. It is a journey that put him in the company of Angels and Idols-a journey that would test not only his physical resources but also his faith. Join author Regie Hamm as he recounts his rise, his fall, and his ultimate surrender to God’s will.