RAY STEVENS’ Nashville Book Autographed Signed


Author: Ray Stevens with C.W. “Buddy” Kalb

Title: Ray Stevens’ Nashville

Condition:  This paperback book is in very good condition.  The inside page is signed by Ray Stevens (to the Fullers)!

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Ray Stevens’ Nashville is a Nashville you will love, too. Ray takes you behind the scenes into the recording sessions and into the dressing rooms and shares his Nashville with us in a very entertaining way. It’s fun, informative and funny. If you are a fan of Ray Stevens, country or pop music, or the city of Nashville, you will love Ray Stevens’ Nashville. Ray Stevens was recently described in the Nashville Tennessean newspaper as the most talented man on Music Row. Not bad for a guy who moved to town in 1962 with all of his worldly possessions in the smallest U-Haul trailer available at the time, and as he’ll tell you, “It wasn’t full.” A Hall of Fame songwriter, Grammy award winning vocalist and arranger with numerous Gold and Platinum Records, and nine consecutive Comedian of the Year statuettes, Ray says he is a ‘piano man in a guitar town,’ which makes the career of this imaginative and prolific musician even more notable. Many Nashville recording artists have a couple of country hits, buy a few new flashy cars and a hillbilly bus and go off performing around the country to make room for, you know, “the new kid in town,” the “next big thing.” But Ray Stevens didn’t have a couple of hits, he had a string of them and he didn’t buy a bus and leave town, he rented a plane so he could fly home and sleep in his own bed every night. He didn’t view his success as a fast burn, but simply thenatural result of doing his job well, and he never got tired of that job. His is an American dream story of humble beginnings, talent, and hard work. He has always gotten up every day and gone to work, just like his folks taught him to do, and the way his mill employee father modeled for him. Part of the answer of his long success is that he has never comfortable with being a Star.