PAT BOONE Legacy CD Autographed Signed


Artist: Pat Boone

Title:  Legacy

Condition: CD and digipak are in very good condition.  The front of the digipak is signed by Pat Boone (to Ricky)!

The front of the inside booklet is also signed by Pat Boone (to Ricky)!

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  1. Breathe
  2. Child Of The King
  3. Do This In Remembrance Of Me
  4. God Is Good
  5. Thank You, Holy Lord
  6. Rule And Reign
  7. Jesus Is Lord
  8. John 3:16
  9. Exceedingly, Abundantly
  10. The Only Man-Made Things In Heaven
  11. One
  12. You Are Not Alone
  13. You’re In The Will
  14. Breathe (reprise)