NICKEL CREEK Here To There CD RARE Autographed Signed


Artist: Nickel Creek

Title: Here To There

Condition: Both front and back inserts are in great has a few minor surface marks, however it plays perfectly on my cd player….backside of the front insert has been signed by Sara, Chris and Sean with a silver sharpie…This is a super rare and hard to find cd by Nickel Creek that was released in 1997 prior to their major label days…..and is even harder to find autographed

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  1. Here To There
  2. You Don’t Have To Move That Mountain
  3. Found Soul
  4. Old Cold Coffee On he Dashboard
  5. He Will Listen To You
  6. A Simple Song For Salty The Singing Seaslug
  7. Moonfleet Beach
  8. Natural Kind Of Love
  9. The Narrow Way
  10. Cross The Bridge