Author: Lulu Roman

Title:  Lulu

Condition:  This hardcover book is in very good condition.  The dust cover shows some wear.

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Lulu Roman had it all.  Beginning her career as a performer in a shabby nightclub, she had skyrocketed to national fame as a star of the television program “Hee Haw.”  She suddenly found she had enough money to buy everything she had always wanted.  She had a brand-new Lincoln Continental, a beautiful three-bedroom house with all the latest furnishings, all the dope that her habit required – and she had friends.  Money was her god; she was sure that life couldn’t be better when she looked back at her childhood in the orphanage where stem discipline, beatings and impoverished surroundings were the way of life.

One day Lulu’s world collapsed.  She was busted for drugs and discovered that she could not buy her way out of trouble.  She lost her job on “Hee Haw” due to all the bad publicity.  She was depressed and began taking more and more dope trying to pull herself out of it.  She learned she was pregnant.  And suddenly all of her firends had left her.

Today Lulu Roman is a changed woman.  Now she reveals the personal struggles in her life that you would never be able to detect beneath her comic performance on “Hee Haw.”  She speaks of the “confidence, peace, assurance, well-being, joy and exuberance” that money can’t buy – the “high” that can only be experienced when one commits his or her life to God.  Lulu is the touching story of a girl who went from a loveless orphanage to drugs, money and success and finally to the only true and lasting Source of happiness.