LEE ANN WOMACK Something Worth Leaving Behind Gift Book & CD Autographed Signed


Author: Brett Beavers & Tom Douglas

Title: Something Worth Leaving Behind

Condition: This hardcover book and CD are in very good condition.  The inside page is signed by Brett Beavers, Tom Douglas & Lee Ann Womack!

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Few people amass a great fortune as King Midas did. Not many are skilledartists like Leonardo da Vinci or Andy Warhol. Mozart wrote such magnificentmusic that he inspired amazing jealousy in the composer Salieri.But, say Tom Douglas and Brett Beavers, although I will probably never havethe gold of King Midas, the skill of Leonardo da Vinci, or write magnificentmusic,If I will love then I will findI have touched another life and that’s somethingSomething worth leaving behind.Something Worth Leaving Behind is about making a difference in someoneelse’s life, about loving another person and investing yourself in that person,about adding color to the canvas of that person’s life, about breathing intothat person music “that still echoes in the soul of who I am and who I ambecoming.”Something Worth Leaving Behind, based on a song destined to become ahit, is a gift book of inspiration and encouragement to make a difference inanother person’s life and to let someone know how much you appreciate thecontribution that person has made to your life. Contains a CD of “SomthingWorth Leaving Behind” as sung by Lee Ann Womack.