LARRY GATLIN Straight Ahead LP Autographed Signed


Artist:  Larry Gatlin

Title:  Straight Ahead

Condition:  The LP is in very good condition.  The cover shows some wear with some wear on the edges and a white spot on the front where a price used to be.  The front is autographed by Larry to “Don.”  The autograph is in pen.

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Side One

  1. All The Gold In California
  2. Piece By Piece
  3. The Way I Did Before
  4. Can’t Cry Anymore
  5. Gypsy Flower Child

Side Two

  1. We’re Number One
  2. Taking Someone With Me When I Fall
  3. How Much Is A Man Supposed To Take
  4. Hold Me Closer
  5. Midnight Choir (Mogen David)