KITTY WELLS – JOHNNY WRIGHT 20 Diamond Anniversary Gems CD Autographed


Artist: Kitty Wells & Johnny Wright

Title: 20 Diamond Anniversary  Gems

Condition: Both front (single page sleeve) and back inserts are in great condition as is the cd itself.  Front insert has been signed by Kitty and Johnny.  Kitty signed on the front with a black sharpie and Johnny signed on the back side of the front insert with a red sharpie….

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  1. Mama’s Little Jewel
  2. After Dark
  3. What Do You Know About Heartaches
  4. I Can’t Help Wondering
  5. Lonely Island Pearl
  6. Three Ways To Love You
  7. High Cost Of Living
  8. Touch And Go Heart
  9. Borrowed Diamonds
  10. Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down
  11. You Tried To Ruin My Name
  12. She’s No Angel
  13. Shake My Mothers Hand For Me
  14. I’d Rather Stay Home
  15. You’ll Never Get A Better Chance That This
  16. What About You
  17. I Never Can Come Back To You
  18. I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel
  19. We’ll Stick Together
  20. There Won’t Be Any Tree This Christmas