KACEY JONES Show Up Naked Bring Beer! CD Autographed Signed


Artist:  Kacey Jones

Title:  Show Up Naked, Bring Beer!

Conditon:  CD, insert and tray card are in very good condition.  The inside of the insert is autgraphed by Kacey Jones.

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  1. Show Up Naked, Bring Beer
  2. Lolling In The Tub
  3. How Far Can We Go Crazy?
  4. I Could Get Over Him (If I Could Get Under You)
  5. Women Are The Rhythm Of The World
  6. Oh Holy Smoke
  7. We All Need To Get Laid
  8. Never Give ’em Any
  9. I Don’t Want Someone Like You (I Want You)
  10. No Fault Love
  11. The Sheik Of Shboom
  12. Here’s Looking At You, Naked
  13. Bonus Track:  Lolling In The Tub