JUNE CARTER CASH Anchored In Love Book written by John Carter Cash


Author:  John Carter Cash

Title:  An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash – Anchored In Love

Condition:  Hardcover w/dust cover – Excellent

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JUNE CARTER CASH Anchored In Love Book written by John Carter Cash

I waved to my mother, June Carter Cash and said, ‘I’ll come see you later, Mom.’ She feebly smiled back and mouthed the words ‘I love you’ as they pulled away.  I never dreamed it would be the last time she ever spoke to me.

In penning his tender memories and intimate stories of his mother’s life, John Carter Cash reveals an intimate perspective on her long musical heritage and her devotion to her family through the ups and downs of grief and glory, tragedy and triumph.

From his mother’s birth in the rural mountains of Virginia to her moving and very public death, John Carter shares an intimate look at the wealth and privilege of his mother’s jet-set lifestyle and her rich country music legacy.

Never-before-told stories about June’s life are included in this tribute as well as both the shadows and the light of her rich past, as her son explores the nature of her previous marriages her private journal entries, and her ultimate struggle with drug addiction in her later years.  John Carter insightfully reveals how the mountains continually pulled June Carter Cash home to her roots, her faith and her family.