JOHN SCHNEIDER The Odyssey CD Autographed


Artist: John Schneider

Title: The Odyssey

Condition: This tri-fold cardboard digipak is in great condition as are both cds….front of the digipak has been signed by John with a black sharpie as follows: John R Schneider, Enjoy!

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Disc 1: Beginnings

  1. Early Or Easy
  2. Fish
  3. Wouldn’t Be Me Without You
  4. No Mas Cervesa
  5. Heartache Doesn’t Have A Closing Time
  6. Bet Yo Mama
  7. Hear It Again
  8. Like A River
  9. Sound Of A Breaking Heart
  10. Phantom Of The Grand Ole Opry

Disc 2: Wanderlust

  1. Wherever She Is
  2. Can I Buy You A Beer
  3. Two Trains
  4. Churches & Bars
  5. A Little More Trouble
  6. I Don’t Feel A Thing
  7. Give God The Blues
  8. Crazy Women
  9. Quitta This Town
  10. Cracker Barrel