JOHN CONLEE Classics CD Autographed Signed


Artist: John Conlee

Title: Classics

Condition: Insert and tray card are in very good condition. The CD is in good condition with some minor scratching and a black “VS” written on the CD face.  The front insert is signed by John Conlee!

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  1. Rose Colored Glasses
  2. Lady Lay Down
  3. Backside Of Thirty
  4. Before My Time
  5. Baby You’re Something
  6. Friday Night Blues
  7. She Can’t Say That Anymore
  8. What I Had With You
  9. Miss Emily’s Picture
  10. Could You Love Me One More Time
  11. Busted
  12. I Don’t Remember Loving You
  13. Common Man
  14. I’m Only In It For The Love
  15. In My Eyes
  16. As Long As I’m Rockin’ With You
  17. Way Back
  18. Years After You
  19. Blue Highway
  20. Old School
  21. From Your Knees
  22. She’s Mine
  23. How High Did You Go?