JIMMY WAYNE Paper Angels Book


Author:  Jimmy Wayne (with Travis Thrasher)

Title:  Paper Angels (A Novel)

Condition:  Very good condition.

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When his mom decided it was time for them to leave for good, Thomas knew they better get far away or he’d come and find them.  It was Christmas Day, with Mom sweating in a tiny room over a tiny stove, and Dad watching college basketball and drinking with a vengeance.

“Thomas, I want you to get your sister and go out to the car, okay?”

Mom had promised them that they would be getting a special Christmas present today.  Just the two kids.  They couldn’t mention it to Dad.  This is her present, Thomas thought as he waited and worried that the next one out of the house would be the man with the glassy eyes and the tightened jaw.

The car left without hesitation.

Thomas and Sara had received the best gift ever:  freedom.

The question was whether it would still be there tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.