JIMMY DRIFTWOOD The Best Of Jimmy Driftwood LP Autographed Signed


Artist:  Jimmy Driftwood

Title:  The Best Of Jimmy Driftwood

Condition:  The LP is in fair condition with some scratching.  The cover is in good condition with some wear on the front and edges and some wrinkling at the back bottom.  The front cover is autographed (to Sharron Smith).  There is also some other writing on the front cover.

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Side One:

1. Battle Of New Orleans

2. Rattlesnake Song

3. Sailor Man

4. Shanty In The Hollow

5. Unfortunate Man

6. Long Chain

Side Two:

1. Tennessee Stud

2. Soldier’s Joy

3. The Giant Of The Thunderhead

4. Mooshatanio

5. Old Joe Clark

6. Wilderness Road