JIM PATTON Life In The Turn Lane Book Autographed Signed


Author: Jim Patton with Don Beehler

Title: Life In The Turn Lane

Condition:  This hardcover book and dust cover are in very good condition.  The inside page is autographed by Jim Patton.

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How Does a Failed HVAC Technician Become “The Billion Dollar Repairman”? When he first heard of The Wall Street Journal, Jim Patton thought it was a book. His librarian directed him to a nearby newsstand for a copy, and he’s read it front to back every day since. Discovering The Journal was one turning point that moved Patton from life as an inept HVAC technician longing to earn $20 an hour to an international mergers and acquisition expert overseeing companies with billions in revenue. Patton’s entertaining narrative is laced with 40 principles he’s learned-often the hard way-that will benefit you, no matter what your professional or personal goals. Straightforward, do-able principles like: #1-Deny denial, and face the facts #19-Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, remember that you don’t #27-If you’re doing something out of fear, stop doing it #29-God won’t let you have your way until you let Him have His #33-Have a good fall-back position so falling back won’t hurt. If business acquisition or ownership is your thing, Life in the Turn Lane will delight your commercial savvy and fortify your soul. And for anyone, reading this inspiring outlook on career-and living the truly good life-will be one of the best turns you can do for yourself.”