JERRY LEE LEWIS His Own Story Book – Autographed Signed by Rick Bragg


Author:  Jerry Lee Lewis & Rick Bragg

Title:  Jerry Lee Lewis – His Own Story

Condition:  Hard cover.  Very good condition except for the upper left corner of the book and dust cover is torn (see photo).

Title page is autographed by Rick Bragg.

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For nearly sixty years, Jerry Lee Lewis has been a monumental figure in American life. The wildest and most dangerous of the early rock and rollers, he electrified the world with hit records such as “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “Great Balls of Fire,” and “Breathless.” His music was raucous, exuberant, slyly sexual; his wailing vocals were grounded by the locomotive force of his pumping piano. But his persona and performing style were what changed the world: whipping his long hair back, he would pound the keyboard like a coal-fired steam engine, then kick back the bench, climb atop the piano, and work the audience like the Pentecostal preacher he almost became. Poised to steal the crown from Elvis Presley, he seemed unstoppable until news of his marriage to his thirteen-year-old cousin broke during his first British tour, nearly ending his career. Now, for the first time, Lewis’s story is told in full, as he shared it over two years with Pulitzer Prizewinning writer Rick Bragg.