INKY JOHNSON Inky An Amazing Story Of Faith And Perseverance Book Autographed Signed


Author: Inky Johnson with Jaff Hagood

Title: Inky – An Amazing Story Of Faith And Persevverance

Condition:  This hardcover book and dust cover are in very good condition.  The inside page is signed by Inky Johnson (to Jason)!

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Born into utter poverty and raised in one of the most violent neighborhoods in America, Inky Johnson persevered and battled his way out.  He was equipped with a burning desire to create a better life for himself and his family, and he had an unquenchable thirst to show others the way out as well.

Inky’s trek to success seemed headed in the perfect direction when in 2004 he entered the University of Tennessee on a football scholarship.  A charismatic leader, a bright student and a gifted athlete, Inky was on a direct path to stardom as a Volunteer.

With his unique talent, Inky seemed destined for the riches and glory of the National Football League.  But his future was dramatically altered late in the fourth quarter in a game against the Air Force Academy, the second game of his junior season.  While trying to make a tackle on an Air Force player, Inky suffered a severe injury that threatened and ultimately altered his life, in a matter of seconds crushing the plans he had for a career in the NFL and life beyond.

Through it all, Inky never gave up hope or faith in the One whose plans are perfect.  In reading of how from birth to present day he has consistently risen to overcome dire circumstances, you’ll be moved by this incredible journey of a life filled with faith and perseverance that will make Inky Johnson a bigger hero today than he ever could have been with a stellar NFL career.