GLENN SUTTON Close Encounters Of The Sutton Kind LP Autographed Signed


Artist: Glenn Sutton

Title: Close Encounters Of The Sutton Kind

Condition:  The LP is in very good condition.  The cover is in good condition with a small hole on the bottom left and some bends and wear around the edges.  The front cover is signed by Blen Sutton (to Mary Jacobs)!

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Side 1:

  1. Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgotten
  2. Movie Buff
  3. Super Drunk
  4. Tailspin Airlines – Flight #101
  5. The Football Card

Side 2:

  1. Hip! Hip! Hooray, For The E.R.A.
  2. The Spaceship
  3. Under Pressure Like That
  4. TV Preacher-Man Blues
  5. The Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone
  6. The Return Of The Blue Cyclone