GENE WATSON Because You Believed In Me/Beautiful Country CD Autographed Signed


Artist: Gene Watson

Title: Because You Believed In Me/Beautiful Country

Condition:  Cd and both front and back inserts are in great condition….front insert has been signed by Gene with a black sharpie…

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  1. Because You Believed In Me
  2. If I’m A  Fool For Leaving
  3. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
  4. When My World Left Town
  5. Sorry Willie
  6. How Good A Bad Woman Feels
  7. Her Body Couldn’t Keep You Off My Mind
  8. I Fell Apart
  9. Hey Louella
  10. And Then You Came Along
  11. The Old Man And His Horn
  12. Cowboys Don’t Get Lucky All The Time
  13. I Won’t Be Sleeping Alone
  14. Hey Barnum And Bailey
  15. I’d Love To live With You Again
  16. I Don’t Need A Thing At All
  17. Raining In Dallas
  18. It Don’t Hurt Me Half As Bad
  19. I Knew We Could Never Love For Long
  20. He Little Thinged Her Out Of My Arms