FAITH HILL Piece Of My Heart Book by James L. Dickerson


Author: James L. Dickerson

Title: Faith Hill – Piece Of My Heart

Condition:  This paperback book is in very good condition.

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Millions of music lovers have responded to Faith Hill’s brand of country-pop, boosting album sales past the 15 million mark. Her signature tune, Breathe, has gone to number one on both country and pop charts. She has appeared on the cover of numerous magazines and landed deals to pitch Pepsi and Cover Girl, and was awarded the title of female vocalist of the year at the Country Music Awards. Since she is also a mother of two who is happily married to Tim McGraw, many people would feel her life was complete. But behind the glittering facade there is a pensive Faith Hill who always yearned to find her birth mother – whom she has now located. In an effort to give back to her fans, she has started a charity that sponsors literacy.