ED HILL It Matters To Me Book


Author: Ed Hill

Title: It Matters To Me – One Of Country Music’s Most Beloved Songwriters

Condition:  This hardcover book is in very good condition except for the upper right corner edges are rough and scraped.

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“Ed Hill is recognized as a great songwriter, and in this case, that translates into being a great storyteller too.  “It Matters To Me” takes you back to the beginnings of his musical journey where he not only pays homage to his parents and the values they instilled in him, but he tours you through the honky-tonks and music scenes of California and Texas (during the “Urban Cowboy” era).  Ed shares his first-hand experience on how much tings have changed and provides insight on how the “system” works – for better or worse.  The stories behind the songs are priceless as readers (and in his case listeners) are able to connect to the origin of the idea.  Hill isn’t one to chase fame and fortune, just an innate drive to share his talent and insight and fight for the rights of the artistry of songwriting…all in the name of providing for those he loves – his “reason.”  Having been privy to many a long conversation – or should I say listening session – with Ed, this is authentic to the core.  Kudos to you my friend.” – Brandy Blanton, Founder/Publisher, Southern Exposure Magazine.