DICK CURLESS CB Special LP Autographed Signed


Artist:  Dick Curless

Title:  CB Special

Condition:  LP is in good condition.  The cover is in good condition with some wear on the edges.  The back cover is autographed (to Karen & Roland).

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featuring Curtis McPeake and the Nashville Pickers

Side 1:

1. The White Knight

2. The Big Wheel Cannonball

3. I’ve Come Awful Close

4. Truck Drivers’ Queen

5. Six Days On The Road

6. The Lonesome Road

7. Blazin’ Smoke Stack

8. The Fill ‘er Up And Keep On Truckin’ Cafe

9. Truck Drivin’ Son Of A Gun

10. Wolf Creek Pass

Side 2:

1. Convoy

2. Truck Drivin’ Man

3. Pinball Machine

4. King Of The Open Road

5. Movin’ On

6. Tombstone Every Mile

7. Look At That Rain

8. Truck Stop

9. Give Me 40 Acres

10. Me And Ole CB