DAN TYLER Music City Confidential (A Novel) Autographed Signed


Author: Dan Tyler

Title: Music City Confidential (A Novel by Dan Tyler)

Condition:  This hardcover book and dust cover are in very good condition.  The title page is signed by Dan Tyler (to Bill)!

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Nashville, 1992. It’s a boom year in country music, and the noise attracts a host of get-aheads to town, including Mason Reed, a Hollywood mogul with a dark side. Tommy Price, a neophyte songwriter in the middle of an identity crisis, follows his nose into a hall of mirrors, loses his way, and finds himself.  This is his story and the story of those who make the journey with him:  Jonetta, Gus, Sonny Boy, Ruby, Mavis and Susan.  They and others are the vivid characters who inhabit this fast-paced, suspenseful novel.