COTTON IVY 100% Cotton LP Autographed Signed


Artist:  Cotton Ivy

Title:  100% Cotton

Condition:  LP is in very good condition; however, there is no inside sleeve.  The cover is in good condition with minor wear.  The front cover is autographed (to Mr. John)!

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Side 1:

1. Where I Came From

2. Puttin’ On Airs

3. Wilbur Verdean Brasher & New Folks In These Parts

4. Boo Hedgeapple

5. Country Politicians

6. Fastest Coon Dog In The World

7. Haney School

8. Bananas

Side 2:

1. Ole Blue

2. Patrolman

3. The Game Warden

4. Hog Stealing

5. Cotton Goes To New York

6. Bar-B-Que

7. America