CHELLE ROSE Ghost Of Browder Holler CD Autographed Signed Produced by Ray Wylie Hubbard


Artist:  Chelle Rose

Title:  Ghost Of Browder Holler

Condition:  CD and digipak are in very good condition.  The front of the digipak is autographed by Chelle Rose (to Paul).

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  1. Browder Holler Boy
  2. Caney Fork Tennessee
  3. I Need You
  4. Weepin’ Willow On The Hill
  5. Rufus Morgan (Preacher Man)
  6. Leona Barnett
  7. Alimony
  8. If I Could
  9. Rattlesnake In The Road
  10. Damsel
  11. Shady Grove Gonna Blow
  12. Wild Violets Pretty