CHARLIE DANIELS The Devil Went Down To Georgia Book Autographed Signed


Author: Charlie Daniels

Title:  The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Stories by Charlie Daniels

Condition:  This hardcover book is in very good condition.  The dust cover shows some wear particularly on the edges.  The inside page is signed by Charlie Daniels!

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Growing up in the flat lands of coastal North Carolina, where his family raised bright leaf tobacco and lots of great storytellers, Charlie Daniels was surrounded by folks who were famous for spinning yarns. Aunts rocked on porches far into the night, telling tales that were no less frightening just because they weren’t true.  Uncles told of great coon hunts, and his father’s friends alluded to mysterious things that happened deep in the woods.

Years later, when Charlie Daniels launched his career as a country music performer, he drew on this heritage of yarn spinning to produced songs filled with more than mere lyrics. Time magazine has called him “a hypnotic storyteller in song.”

Now, in his first collection of short stories, Charlie Daniels has applied that same gift to his fiction. The result is a volume that is funny, wise, and as entertaining as Charlie is on stage.