BRIAN MCCOMAS Self Titled CD Signed Autographed


Artist: Brian McComas

Title: Self Titled

CD Condition: Cd has a few scuff marks, however it plays perfectly…front insert is in great condition, back insert and case has a  small punch hole in bar code, otherwise in good condition…cd itself has been signed by Brian with a black sharpie as follows:  Brian McComas 7/22/03

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  1. 99.9% Sure
  2. Come With Me
  3. Night Disappear With You
  4. You’d Have Never Said Goodbye
  5. Sixteen Again
  6. You’re In My Head
  7. Baby Let Me Be Your Man
  8. Never Meant A Thing
  9. Straight To You
  10. I Could Never Love You Enough
  11. I’ll Always Be There For You