BIG & RICH Comin’ To Your City CD Autographed Signed


Artist: Big & Rich

Title: Comin’ To Your City

Condition: Front insert is in very good condition.  CD is in good condition.  Tray card is wavy (may have gotten wet at some point).  Front insert is autographed by Big & Rich!

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  1. The Freak Parade
  2. Comin’ To Your City
  3. Soul Shaker
  4. Never Mind Me
  5. Caught Up In The Moment
  6. Leap Of Faith
  7. I Pray For You
  8. Filthy Rich
  9. Jalapeno
  10. 20 Margaritas
  11. Blow My Mind
  12. Slow Motion
  13. 8th Of November
  14. Our America