ARCHER PARK We Got A Lot In Common CD Autographed


Artist: Archer Park

Title: We Got A Lot In Common

Condition: Both front and back inserts are in great condition, cd has a few surface marks, however cd plays perfectly….front insert has been signed by Randy Archer only with a black sharpie as follows: Thanks Randy Archer, the cd has also been signed by Randy, however it’s hard to see since the cd is black and the sharpie was black also….

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  1. We Got A Lot In Common
  2. Where There’s Smoke
  3. You Don’t Know Where This Hearts Been
  4. I’m Not Crazy
  5. Your Ol’ Rock
  6. The Man That I Am Now
  7. Don’t Look Now
  8. ‘Til Something Better Comes Along
  9. Permanent Thing
  10. I Still Wanna Jump Your Bones